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Welcome to Enigma Drum and Boot! We are dedicated to the rhythmic world of drumming, offering a diverse range of services from team-building drumming sessions to interactive events, drum sales, drumming parties, and more. At Enigma Drum and Boot, our heartbeat is the passion for percussion!


Our services extend across South Africa and beyond, with skilled drummers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gqeberha (previously known as Port Elizabeth), Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, George and the rest of the Garden Route. We are more than willing to travel to cater to your needs, and we also collaborate with Team Building and Events companies.


Immerse yourself in our interactive drumming sessions, tailored for a myriad of occasions such as year-end functions, team-building exercises, parties, tour groups, conferences, schools, weddings, family gatherings, and beyond. We bring the rhythm to you, complete with all the necessary drums and instruments. Soon, under the guidance of our professional drummers, you and your group will be creating music together. Utilizing djembe drums, known for their ease of play and high responsiveness, our drum facilitators ensure that any group can start drumming in minutes. This fosters a sense of synergy, merging diverse energies into one harmonious team, resulting in unforgettable team experiences!


Enigma Drum and Boot goes beyond conventional drumming services by offering unique experiences such as drumming therapy and drumming workshops. Dive into the world of rhythm and explore the therapeutic and creative aspects of drumming.








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Gumboot Dancing

Now, let's explore the fascinating world of gumboot dancing, an integral part of our rhythmic repertoire. Gumboot dancing originated in the gold mines of South Africa, where workers, faced with harsh conditions, developed this unique form of communication and expression. It involves dancers wearing Wellington boots, using the boots themselves as percussion instruments.


Enigma Drum and Boot proudly incorporates gumboot dancing into our array of offerings. This energetic and rhythmic dance form adds a dynamic element to our performances and interactive sessions. The synchronized stomping, slapping, and tapping of boots create a captivating auditory and visual experience, leaving a lasting impression on any audience.


Imagine combining the beats of djembe drums with the rhythmic footwork of gumboot dancing – a fusion that elevates the overall experience to new heights. Whether it's a team-building event, a party, or a cultural celebration, our gumboot dancing sessions are guaranteed to infuse energy and excitement.


In addition to our drumming expertise, Enigma Drum and Boot takes pride in promoting cultural diversity and the rich history of rhythmic expression. Gumboot dancing serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of communities, making it a perfect addition to our holistic approach to percussion and rhythm.


As we continue to expand our reach and offerings, Enigma Drum and Boot remains committed to delivering unparalleled drumming and dancing experiences. Our dedicated team of drummers and dancers is passionate about creating memorable moments, fostering teamwork, and celebrating the universal language of rhythm.


Explore the beat with Enigma Drum and Boot – where the fusion of drumming, gumboot dancing, and cultural richness creates an unforgettable symphony of sound and movement.





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From the gold fields

Our West African Djembe's are

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Djembe for your drumming session.

In the depths of South African

mines, a unique form of

expression was born.