Where do we dance?

We can travel to any place in Southern Africa and we are fully mobile to present your gumboot dancing session at a venue of your liking. We can facilitate your session either indoors or outdoors, night or day, we can dance anywhere you want us to dance. As long as everyone has enough room to dance with their boots on. If you have any doubt in your mind, please feel free to contact us and confirm whether it is possible.


How long is a gumboot dancing session?

A gumboot dancing session is normally 45-60 minutes long but can go on for a longer period should you make the arrangement before the event date. The reason for having the gumboot dancing session for only 45 minutes is due to the physical nature of the gumboot dancing session.


What is the latest time that you will start a gumboot dancing?

We can start a gumboot dancing session at 01:00 in the morning if you like, but there will be a cost implication. If the venue is far from our base accommodation arrangements will have to be made.


How many facilitators will come to a gumboot dancing session?

In most cases there will be two facilitators, but depending on the size and experience level of the group there could be more or less facilitators per event.


How many people can dance in a gumboot dancing session?

A gumboot dancing session could range from as little as five people to over 300 people. It’s a matter of choice from the client.


Is a gumboot dancing session physical?

Yes it is physical. It all depends on the person that dances. The more you get involved, the easier it will be for you to build up a bit a sweat and have your heart racing.


Is there an age restriction on gumboot dancing?

Definitely not! Anyone can dance – from the youngest to the oldest. If they have the will to do it, then they must.


Does each person get a pair of gumboots?

Every person attending the gumboot dancing session will receive a pair of boots to with. We try our utmost to have as many sizes available as we can to suit every one attending needs.


What about smelly gumboots and hygiene?

Our boots are our source of income and to have them smelling like old shoes is not worth our while. All our boots get disinfected after every event. No person is allowed to dance in our boots without socks. We supply clean washed socks at every event for any one that chooses to wear our socks and for additional peace of mind we supply foot spray and powder.


Can I bring my own pair of gumboots?

Yes you definitely can.


Can people with disabilities participate in gumboot dancing?

Yes but we must stress that the severity of the disability will dictate if they can or can’t.


What type of gumboot dancing experiences can be done?

Gumboot dancing for team building

Gumboot dancing for friends and family

Gumboot dancing show production

Gumboot dancing for sporting -, corporate functions, product launches, advertisements and other functions

Private gumboot dancing lessons


If there are any other questions that you might have that we have not answered in the above Q & A, please feel free to POST YOUR QUESTION here and we will try to answer it as quickly as possible.