Truly an African experience! Learn the history of gumboot dancing and the different styles that are performed. You will be amazed by the foot and handwork of the dancers.

The dancers then become instructors and it is time to learn the basic steps in your own pair of gumboots! It is all about having fun and enjoying the experience of being taught gumboot dancing by some of the best gumboot dancers in South Africa and the world. The steps are easy and the interaction between team mates and the dancers will make the task in hand fun filled.

We always say that the secret to a successful team build and event lies with the participants willingness to participate and loose a bit of themselves in the activity. Gumboot dancing is an incredible activity that the participants will remember for the rest of their lives.

Your first thought when the idea of gumboot dancing comes to mind will be, "What about the hygiene of the boots - aren't they going to smell?" Don't worry at Enigma Drum & Boot we think of your personal hygiene - especially your feet. We provide you with the following for your event:

- Disinfected boots for every participant

- Clean and washed pair of socks

- Foot spray and foot powder for those that still may be a bit doubtful.

You can be certain that your feet will be taken care of.

So don't wait any longer! If your team has a lot of energy or you want to be entertained with some of the best gumboot dancing moves in the world - give Enigma Drum & Boot a call.