In Africa, since the dawn of time, the rhythmic beat of drums has been used for communication, ceremonies, war and entertainment. Drumming rhythms has captivated visitors to Africa for many years and placed fear in the hearts of those that where their enemies. Africa has changed over the past decades but the role of the drum is still as important as the first time it was used.

Join us in a discovery of rhythm and beat! Let our facilitators be your guide in teaching you from the basic to the more complex rhythms to create group synergy. Allow us to be your drumming teacher for a hour and discover how magical the African drum can be. Remember you are not alone in this - all your drumming members are with you as each have their own drum to keep to the rhythm of the base drummer.

To be honest, there is no way that you will be able to learn to play the djembe like a professional in one session. The one thing that we can guarantee you is this - if you come to a drumming session with an open mind and let yourself go - then you will have an amazing time and remember the experience for the rest of your life. Our facilitators keep the focus on fun with drumming games and player interactivity and this is the easiest way to learn and enjoy drumming at the same time. For the more experienced drummer we will gladly adapt our routine to suit the needs of the group and ensure that all attending enjoy the session.

Interactive drumming can be presented from around a camp fire in the bush to a conference room in a hotel in Sandton. The ideal activity to keep you guests or tour group entertained and giving them a true African experience.