The drum is one the oldest instruments known and was used by many cultures around the world.  African tribal societies used to and still today celebrate victory in battle as well as in ritual dance and worship to their deities and forefathers.

The original drum was an animal hide stretch over a hollow log which was held by wooden or metal pins or with twine or leather strands to these pins or to the skin at the other side of the drum. The drum was used for several functions within various societies.

The first drumming in drums history was a series clapping of hands and hitting the chest and knees with open hands. Various rhythms were adapted using this method but was limited because of the volume one could create and because to create higher volume was painful. So the drum was developed to overcome this problem.

The history of drums and drumming is really a checked one in that it's origins have come out of quite negative circumstances. There are several places where drumming was used. They are:

- Battle
- Celebration of Victory in Battle
- Pagan Worship
- Occult Practices
- General Celebration
- Entertainment

These are the predominant areas in the history of drums where drums were used in the past and are still used today. The part they play in history is not in the good of human life. The tendency is a steady journey towards debasement and depravity to a large extent. Kingdoms have fallen and nations have been ransacked from within by the use of these methods.