Tips for taking caring of your djembe:

- Don't sit, lean or rest objects on the face of the drum. That means feet, cigarettes, coffee cups or Aunt Bertha.

- Don't heat the skin. Many players do this to 'warm up' the skin. Used traditionally to dry and tighten the skin, but has become unnecessary with the use of rope instead of leather or wooden pegs. Rapid heating and cooling can tear of burst the skin.

- Don't grease the skin. There's no need for dubbin, oil or any other leather treatment.

- Buy a good bag Many drum skins break during transport, so make sure you get a good bag with good padding for the head area, even wood reinforced. If you can't find one a tailor should be able to custom make one to your specifications using either padded cloth or canvas.

- Lie the drum on its side when storing it. This reduces tension and the likelihood of the skin breaking while in storage.