Drum Boot Mannetjie02We have an amazing dance team at ENIGMA DRUM & BOOT and between all of them we have years of production and dance experience. From world famous productions that have crossed the globe, dance and cultural festivals, adverts and even the inauguration ceremony. If you are looking for dancers that will give your production or event the edge – we’ve got them. Our choreography team will gladly help and assist you where they can. We don't source out - we are the providers.

Drum Boot Mannetjie03We can provide you with the following:

- Gumboot dancers
- Diski dance facilitators and diski dancers
- Contemporary
- Tap dancing
- Township (penny-whistle)
- Pansula
- African
- Traditional
- Sotho
- Pedi
- Xhosa
- Shangaan
- Venda
- SiSwati
- Ndebele
- Zulu

Should you want to contact us for a one on one meeting, we would gladly travel to you and discuss your needs. Send us an e-mail should you require a more comprehensive document on our dancers, shows and productions that we have been involved with.

Give us a call and let’s make your dreams a reality.